JOOLA Tango Ultra Rubber

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Following on the sensational success of Tango rubbers JOOLA have produced a further new concept - a short pimpled rubber using the TENSOR effect and the result is not surprising i.e. softer, more control and more spin but also with dramatic effects from the pimples. For passive blocking TENSOR absorbs the energy but for active blocking and attack the rubber really explodes.

medium soft
DEF/OFF extreme
Pimples / Pips

Music: Yes You Can — HookSounds

1 review

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A Unique Short Pips Rubber!

JOOLA Tango Ultra Rubber
<br>by: Richard McAfee, Joola Sponsored Coach and USATT Hall of Fame Inductee
<br>This is one of the most unique and best short pips rubbers on the market. Joola’s Tango Ultra features soft very grippy pips on a medium-soft tensor sponge. This combination produces great spin for a short pip but also excellent speed. Most short pips rubbers that can produce good spin are often too slow for effective offensive strokes; Tango Ultra’s tensor technology overcomes this as this rubber has real “point winning” speed. The soft pips of this rubber make passive blocking a breeze even against your opponent’s power loops. However, as soon as you begin to hit through the ball with an active stroke Joola’s Tensor Technology kicks in and the rubber plays with explosive power. The excellent spin capabilities of Tango Ultra make it a very effective rubber for serving and your opponents will defiantly be surprised by the amount of topspin you can produce. I did find that Tango Ultra has a very low ball throw so you may find you need to use a little thicker sponge with this rubber than with more conventional short pips rubbers.

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