JOOLA Rossi Fire 07 Blade

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  • Offensive 5+2 ply blade
  • RAG technology for added feeling and increased dwell time
  • Suitable for offensive players who stay close the table
  • Developed for the close table control play
A classic amongst fast offensive blades! Seven specially selected veneers provide high torsion rigidity. The blade is ideal for a close-to-the-table speed orientated attacking game. The veneers on this blade are block glued, cross cut, and glued again. This process creates a solid feel and increased dwell time.

Vibration: Medium

Touch: Medium

Veneer: 7

Composition: : Limba Nature, Samba Nature, Enzo, Samba Nature

Playstyle: Off- / Off

Technology: RAG

Head Size: 156mm x 149mm

Thickness: 6mm

Weight: 85g

Recommended Rubbers:

  • Off-
    • Mambo, Energy Xtra, X-plode Sensitive, Samba Tech
  • Off
    • Mambo H, Energy, Express X-plode, Samba 19, Maxxx-P

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Rossi Fire Review

Joola Rossi Fire Blade Review
<br>by: Richard McAfee, Joola Sponsored Coach and USATT Hall of Fame Inductee
<br>If you are an all-round attacking player and not sure which of the Joola Blades to use, I would highly recommend you consider the Joola Rossi Fire Blade. In my 50 years of playing this game, I have rarely come across a blade that does so many things well. This is a light weight 7-ply all-wood medium fast blade. The limba outer plies help create excellent “dwell” time and a medium high throw. The Rossi Fire Blade is listed as high-speed with medium control. I would argue that the control is actually on the high side as I found I was able to easily able to place my returns with almost uncanny accuracy.
<br>Like all Joola Blades the quality of finish in excellent and the handle is extremely comfortable and not too large. With its light weight, this blade is designed more for the close to the table attacker but it does have adequate speed from mid-distance as well. Control is the main feature of this blade as both blocks and topspins can be executed with precise placement. The light weight of this blade makes it an ideal match for today’s modern heavy power rubbers. If you are a player who relies on your ability to win points with good placements and changes of spin, then this is definitely a blade you should consider. Add some “Fire” to your game and let your opponents feel the heat!

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