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Customized for the aggressive topspin competitor. Designed for top players with the help of world class players such as Germany's National Coach and former World Champion, Jorg Rosskopf, JOOLA Rhyzm utilizes our latest rubber technologies to add extreme power while simultaneously improving the dynamics and spin of any offensive game. It features a combination of a new, extremely grippy and elastic top sheet over an extra firm 48 degree layer of sponge, providing superior spin and force. At the same time, Rhyzm's development also incorporates technology that enables players to maintain extreme control in situations requiring excellent finesse and touch.

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low trajectory fast

I have tried rhyzm for a week and seemed very impress with its speed and spin. It feels like a chinese rubber but with a faster sponge than market chinese rubbers. I find the rubber easy to play with if you have been playing with tensor rubbers. My old set up was an adidas P5 fh and tenergy 05 fx bh with gergely alpha blade straight. It fits close to the table two wing loopers and mid stance still in progress for comments. I did find it difficult to counter loop mid distance. Overall i liked it and will continue to try it.

Medium high trajectory

I have tried the Rhyzm and I am still very satisfied in the quality of this rubber. I have been using it for about 2 months and the topsheet is still holding up. I am a 2 wing aggressive looper so rubbers usually don't last past 1 month. This is definitely quality rubber.

High Quality Rubber for Power Player

JOOLA Rhyzm Rubber
<br>by: Richard McAfee, Joola Sponsored Coach and USATT Hall of Fame Inductee
<br>The Joola Rhyzm rubber is a new top-of-the-line German made Tensor rubber. It possesses not only great speed but also excellent spin capabilities’. Rhyzm really shines when performing active strokes and works great for players who generate a lot of racket speed with their attacks. Rhyzm rubber has a firm and tacky topsheet and also a very firm sponge. This results in a rubber which can produce amazing smash/topspins both off-the-bounce and from mid-distance with a low ball throw. Rhyzm also allows for strong and easy topspin attacks against even the heaviest backspin returns. The tacky topsheet makes producing heavy spin serves a breeze. In my opinion, what really separates the Rhyzm rubber from other top-of-the-line rubbers is its excellent control in the short game. Drop shots and flips are very easy to execute with this rubber. Rhyzm is a rubber designed for the higher level player and rewards active play but it is not a rubber for players who want to block passively or who win points primarily from changing speeds on the ball. For players who like the speed of Rhyzm but need a little more control and a higher ball throw, I would recommend you try the softer sponge versions of the rubber.

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