JOOLA Rhyzm 425 Rubber

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All the great features of the original Rhyzm with a softer sponge. Rhyzm 425 shares the same top sheet as Rhyzm but gives you a sponge with a hardness of 42.5 degrees. The advanced Rhyzm surface guarantees full dynamics, extreme spin and fun when applying different spins. The Rhyzm 425 unfolds it's full potential especially in topspin rallies. With this rubber you experience the exceptional “Rhyzm feeling”. Choose the Rhyzm 425 and experience fun in playing like never before!

Music: Yes You Can — HookSounds

1 review

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Ratings & Reviews

Awesome new rubber

I just got this rubber! The bounce and speed is great! It is much better than tenergy 05! I love the the spin! It is great for mid-distance loopers. This rubber is the topof the line. It is the new tenergy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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