JOOLA Flame Fast Blade

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  • All-round 5-ply blade
  • BURNtec produces a warp-free blade by removing all moisture from the wood veneers
  • Suitable for offensive players who play close to the table
  • Designed from the Wing Fast blade
The FLAME FAST blade proves that high speed and good control can be achieved with the combination with BURNtec technology. The luxurious 0.8mm Hinoki top ply combined with the BURNtec and the hard Kiri wood core creates maximum torsion rigidity in order to generate maximum power for aggressive top spins and dominating blocks. This is truly a high-class blade for all players.

Vibration: Medium

Touch: Medium

Veneer: 5

Composition: Hinoki Burned, Awan Burned, Kiri Burned

Playstyle: All / Off+

Technology: BURNtec

Head Size: 155mm x 151mm

Thickness: 5.9mm

Weight: 85-90g

Recommended Rubbers:

  • All
    • Mambo, Energy Xtra, Samba Tech
  • All+
    • Mambo H, Energy, Rhyzm 375
  • Off-
    • X-plode Sensitive, Rhyzm 425
  • Off
    • Rhyzm Tech, Maxxx-P, Rhyzer 43, Rhyzm
  • Off+
    • Rhyzer 48, Rhyzm-P, Golden Tango

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A Modern Offensive Classic

Joola Flame Fast Blade
<br>By: Richard McAfee, Joola Sponsored Coach and USATT Hall of Fame Inductee
<br>I love the quality of Joola’s Flame Series of blades. The Flame Series offers both, WSI (Wing-Shaft-Integration) and BURN-tec, technologies. These Joola innovations help these blades produce an exceptional blend of speed and control. The Fame Fast Blade is the perfect blade for the intermediate to advance topspin attacking style of player. While a fast blade, the soft Hinoki outer plies, give this blade a medium/soft feel and the good “dwell” time necessary to produce heavy topspin strokes. This blade will suite both close to the table and mid-distance topspin attacking styles. The Joola Flame Fast Blade is truly a modern classic offensive weapon.

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