JOOLA Flame Extreme Blade

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JOOLA Flame Extreme Table Tennis Blade
Pure speed is not the sole motto of the JOOLA Flame Extreme. The intelligent combination of 5 layers with the 0.8mm Limba inner veneer and the new type of BURNtec outer veneers makes it possible not only for professional players to control this blade. The unbeatable price-level will allow everybody to try an "extreme" blade.

2 reviews

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A fast no feeling blade! Very powerful!!!

Fastest All-wood Blade

JOOLA Flame Extreme Blade
<br>by: Richard McAfee, Joola Sponsored Coach and USATT Hall of Fame Inductee
<br>Wow, this may be the fastest all-wood blade that I have ever tested! The Joola Flame Extreme Blade is a thick blade featuring Joola’s WSI (wing-shaped handle reinforcement) technology along with “BURNtech” outer layers. What surprised me about this blade was the level of control it offered along with its great speed. The blade offers precise control especially with smash topspins and hard blocks. However, the Limba outer plies help the blade retain a reasonable amount of dwell time needed for producing good spin. If you are an advanced power-topspin player and like the “feel” of a wood blade, this is a blade you should definitely check out. The speed and hard feel of this blade also makes it a great choice for a pips-out hitting style of play.

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