JOOLA X-Plode Rubber

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Since the banning of speed glue, the JOOLA Express Rubber incorporated with speed glue effect has caused a sensation amongst players who were seeking an alternative for speed glue. X-Plode introduces a special version of Express: with a porous, denser sponge and a spinnier topsheet.

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2 reviews

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its grate rubber for mid-distance game if u wanna attack far from the table it will fail .not suitable for far-distances.

Perfect All-round Attacking Rubber

by: Richard McAfee, Joola Sponsored Coach and USATT Hall of Fame Inductee
<br>The Joola X-Plode is an outstanding German made “Tensor” rubber featuring the build-in speed glue effect that top players love. This rubber has all the gears that the all-round topspin style of player needs and the great “sound” of the integrated speed-glue effect. This rubber is the perfect attacking rubber for the all-round topspinner who is looking to win points by changing speeds and spins on the ball. It has a medium/high ball throw which makes mid-distance counter-looping very easy and also has more than enough speed to finish the point. X-Plode rubber’s dense sponge also makes blocking a dream and it is possible to execute a wide variety of blocks at varying speeds and spins with ease. Unlike many fast tensor rubbers, Joola’s X-Plode plays equally well when initiating attacks or redirecting your opponents attacks. If you are an all-round attacker looking for the best possible speed/spin/control ratio from your rubber, give this rubber a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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