JOOLA Chen Weixing Blade

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  • Defensive 7-ply blade
  • Black cloth layers provide additional control and structural rigidity
  • Suitable for the modern defender
  • Oversized racket
Designed by EuropeÕs best modern defensive player, this blade is best suited for the controlled defensive game. The blade has great feeling and can smoothly transition to offensive play in a heartbeat. The inner black-cloth layers provide increased control and reduce vibration.

Vibration: Medium

Touch: Soft

Veneer: 7

Composition: Limba Nature, koto, black cloth, Kiri

Playstyle: N/A

Technology: N/A

Head Size: 165mm x 159mm

Thickness: 5.9mm

Weight: 90g

Recommended Rubbers:

  • Def-
    • CWX, Octopus
  • All
    • Golden Tango, Rhyzer 48

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The Perfect Modern Defender's Blade

JOOLA Chen Weixing Blade
<br>by: Richard McAfee, Joola Sponsored Coach and USATT Hall of Fame Inductee
<br>Like most coaches, I always carry a chopping blade in my bag, as I often have to provide defensive training to my students. Finding a good quality blade for the modern defensive game is not easy as this style places great demands on a blade. The modern defender needs both a blade that is equally adept at both chopping and topspin strokes and these skills normally require very different blade characteristics. Now finally with the Joola Chen Weixing Blade, the modern defender has it all. I highly recommend this blade with Octopus long pips and Joola Brave Inverted Rubber. Long pips rubbers are very blade dependent and Joola’s Octopus rubber matches up perfectly with this blade. This combination produces a low ball throw making pin-point accuracy possible even when chopping against the fastest loop drives. Joola’s Octopus rubber paired with this blade also can produce very heavy backspin returns and also allow for easy spin variation. While many defensive blades lack real offensive power, I find it very easy to mix heavy inverted chops with powerful topspins with this blade, even from mid-distance. Over the years, I have coached several defensive players who played on the US Team. I only wish that this blade would have been available back them as it is the perfect blade for the modern defensive player.

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