JOOLA INFINITY OVERDRIVE Table Tennis Racket with Carbon-Kevlar Blade & Micron 48 Rubber (flared)

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  • WINNING NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE: Subtle design details meets all the elements of a professional blade and rubber to elevate your game. Speed: 9 / Spin: 9 / Control: 6 
  • UNSTOPPABLE RUBBER Micron 48 rubber with its 2.2mm sponge makes this the ultimate weapon for attacking with high speed 
  • BULLETPROOF YOUR GAME FOR A STRONGER OFFENSE: 2 layers of carbon-kevlar reinforces the blade and reduces vibrations while enlarging the 'sweet spot' for a stronger attack 
  • 5-PLY REAL WOOD: Hinoki, Koto, and Ayous woods combine with the carbon layers to create a lightweight and nimble 6.1mm thick blade 
  • 65 YEARS IN THE MAKING: JOOLA has been a leader in table tennis since 1953. Start playing like a champion with equipment developed for champions! 
 The JOOLA Infinity Series Overdrive Racket’s carbon-kevlar blade is a combination of 5-ply wood and 2-ply Carbon-Kevlar to make a 6.1mm thick 7-ply blade. The wood is a combination of Hinoki, Koto, Ayous woods and Carbon.
Hinoki, viewed as the 'golden wood' of blades, is a delicate and dynamic wood fit for all styles of game play. Native to central Japan, it is used as the outer-plies of composite blades because it creates more control and increased feedback. It undergoes a meticulous preparation process where trees reaching 300+ years of age are hand selected and then cured for 1-3 years prior to manufacturing.
Koto wood has a diffuse-porous endgrain, which makes the wood nimble and stiffer allowing the player to produce faster blocks and rapid counters.
Ayous wood is lightweight, firm, and elastic which is why it is the heart of many all-around blades. Ayous is quintessential for players that want to keep the ball in play to wear out their opponents.
Carbon-Kevlar is forged from carbon atoms that are formed into fibers about 5-10 mm in diameter. The 2-plys of carbon reinforces the blade and reduces vibrations while enlarging the 'sweet spot,' for a stronger attack.
  • With the use of Hinoki as the outer ply, Koto as an inner-ply, and Ayous as the core, the racket gives phenomenal feedback while the Carbon-Kevlar, as the innermost-ply, provides uncontested dominating top-spin. Bullet-proof your game with our Kevlar racket! JOOLA has been a leader in table tennis since 1953 and is the official table sponsor of USA Table Tennis. Start playing like a champion with equipment made for champions!

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